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Wrongful Dismissal · Employment Law · Lawyers · Vancouver & Victoria & Nanaimo BC

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Each lawyer listed below has confirmed to Lawyers-BC.Com that he or she has been practising law for at least 3 years, with at least 20 per cent of his or her practice in wrongful dismissal / employment law.

We urge you to independently investigate and evaluate any lawyer. Please see "Lawyer's Listings" under our terms and conditions for more information.

Vancouver, Victoria & Nanaimo Wrongful Dismissal & Employment Law Lawyers
click on photos to profiles

Rose keith, over 20 years experience with Vancouver  employrers / employees  re employment  contract disputes and human rights Frank Baily, 40 years of experience in his Burnaby metrotown  business law practice - click for  more info Sandra Bannister, QC has over 30 yhears experience in  employment law and labor law, including  human rights in the workplace and Workers Compensation Board, now known as Work Safe BC reviews and appeals Jonathan Hanvelte, experienced labor lawyer  and employment law lawyer in downtown Vancouver, with Banister Law Michael Mark, Victoria litigation lawyer experienced with executives and wrongful dismissal cases Lorenzo Oss-Cech,  Victoria lawyers fluent in Italian, Spanish and French Bari Marlatt,  Victoria lawyers experienced with WCB  appeals, employment law Sarah N. Goodman, Victoria, employment law lawyer wearing BC court robes in photo - CLICK FOR MORE INFO

Dana Quantz, has worked for Hutchison Oss Cech Marlatt in the area of wrongful dismissals and human rights in the workplace Sabrina Yeudall, employment law lawyer in Nanaimo, BC CLICK FOR MORE INFO

Rose Keith, workplace law, employment law, lawyer and mediator represents employees and employers with law offices in downtown Vancouver

Rose Keith, J.D., workplace lawyer and mediator, has over 25 years "... extensive experience advising both employers and employees on employment related matters including:
 · wrongful dismissal,
 · constructive dismissal and
 · human rights. 

Her practice has included:
 · work place investigations and
 · development of comprehensive work place policies including creation and implementation of bullying and harassment policies and procedures."

Rose Keith, Associate Counsel
Harper Grey LLP
3200 - 650 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 4P7
Tel:  604 895 2911
Email:  rkeith@harpergrey.com

Go to her webprofile at https://www.harpergrey.com/lawyer/rose-keith

See her articles

Frank Baily, with over 30 years of experience as a litigation lawyer and lawyer for wrongful dismissals in his Metro Tower office in Metrotown Burnaby serves the Metro Vancouver  area

40 years of business law service to the Burnaby & Metro Vancouver Region from the firm's Metrotown offices
- see Baily McLean web site www.bmgm.com

photos of Sandra Banister, QC Queens Counsel & Jonathan Hanvelt, MA LLb, in front of downtown Vancouver's Marine Building where their offices are located., Sandra brings over 30 years experience in dealing with wrongful dismissal situation Sandra Banister, QC, 30 years experience in  employment law,  wrongful dismissals, WCB reviews and appeals

Sandra Banister LLB  QC
Wrongful Dismissal & Employment Law Lawyer.

Over 30 years experience in labor law, Human Rights & Employment law.

Sandra has practiced labour law and civil litigation (with an emphasis on employment and personal injury law) for over 30 years. Born and raised in the lower mainland, Sandra graduated from law school at the University of British Columbia, and was subsequently called to the British Columbia bar in 1982, after completing a clerkship with the British Columbia Supreme Court. Sandra regularly appears at the British Columbia Court of Appeal, the British Columbia Supreme Court, labour arbitrations, the British Columbia Labour Board, and the Human Rights Tribunal.  She has also appeared before the Quebec Court of Appeal, the Quebec Superior Court and the Manitoba Queen’s Bench.

For more information go to Banisterlaw.com/employmentlaw

Jonathan Hanvelt, MA LLB

Jonathan has been practicing with Banister & Company since 2010.  See BanisterLaw.com...hanvelt

Jonathan Hanvelt, labor lawyer and employment law lawyer with Banister and Co. in downtown Vancouver, BC

On graduating from the University of Victoria's faculty of law in 2007 - he clerked at the British Columbia Supreme Court and completed his articles with a large downtown law firm.

He has appeared at the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the British Columbia Provincial Court.  He has also Represented clients at:

 -  the BC Human Rights Tribunal,
 -  the British Columbia Labour Board,
 -  the Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal,
 -  the Review Division of WorkSafe and
    worksafebc.com/claims/review_and_appeals/... division
 -  at mediation.

Jonathan has taught at the Canadian Labour Congress Winter School and currently sits on the Employment Standards Coalition, an organization that is seeking legislative reform to better working conditions in the province.

Marine Building, in downtown Vancouver where  Hanvelt is with the offices of Banister and Company. - click to website

Jonathan Hanvelt,
Barrister & Solicitor
Banister and Company,
670 - 355 Burrard St.
(Marine building)
Vancouver, BC
Phone:  604-662-7276
Toll Free:  1-877-662-7276
Web site: BanisterLaw.com

Sorèl Leinburd Corporate-Commercial Lawyer, reviews employment contracts, experienced software development and film production employment contracts lawyer

Michael Mark, wrongful dismissal lawyer in Victoria BC

Michael Mark BA LLB
Experienced litigator with over 25 years experience: including wrongful dismissals for senior executives, employment law and Canada Revenue Agency appeals, and personal injury cases e.g. ICBC catastrophic injury claims disputes.

See web site of firm McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson: www.mcbop.com/michael-r-mark/

photos of Lorenzo Oss-Cech and Bari Marlatt, experienced wrongful dismissal lawyers with the firm Hutchison, Oss-Cech Marlatt in Chinatown Victoria, 1 block from City Hall

Lorenzo Oss-Cech, BSC LLB - Wrongful Dismissal & Employment Law lawyer, fluent in Italian, Spanish, French & English.

Bari Marlatt, LLB, Victoria Wrongful Dismissals, and Personal Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Rose Keith, represents employees and employers with law offices in downtown Vancouver

Experienced Vancouver workplace law, employment law lawyer and mediator representing both employers and employees on a variety of issues including wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal and harassment.  Representation at British Columbia Supreme Court, British Columbia Court of Appeal and Human Rights Tribunal.
see her web profile at https://www.harpergrey.com/lawyer/rose-keith

Rose Keith, Associate Counsel
Harper Grey LLP
3200 – 650 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 4P7
Tel:  604 895 2911
Email:  rkeith@harpergrey.com

Employment Law Practice Area

Commercial-Business-Employment-Disputes lawyer Frank Baily with view of Burnaby fr. Medtrotown Tower 20th floor office in background

"Frank has practiced law for over 40 years.
Initially in his career, he concentrated on commercial litigation and criminal prosecution at all the Court levels.  Frank now practices primarily in the areas of corporate and commercial law, estate litigation, and all areas of estate planning."
In 2008-2009 he served as a Director of the Burnaby Board of Trade www.bbot.ca

He has extensive experience in structuring corporate and commercial acquisitions, tax restructuring, corporate reorganizations and employment issues.

Areas of Practice:
* Estate Planning & Estate Disputes
* Shareholder Disputes
* Employment Disputes
* Corporate and Commercial Transactions

Bachelor of Science, University of Manitoba - 1964;  Bachelor of Law, University of British Columbia - 1967 Call to the Bar - 1968

Baily McLean Barristers & Solicitors

900 - 4720 Kingsway
Metrotower II
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5H 4N2
Tel: 604-437-6611
Fax: 604-437-3065
Email: fmbaily@bmgm.com
Web site: www.bmgm.com

Sandra Banister, LLB brings 30 plus  years experience to her work with wrongful dismissals, and personal injury cases
BC Labor Law · Employment Law · Administrative Law · Personal Injury / ICBC Claims Plaintiffs Trial Lawyer

Experienced and well known in labor-labour law and arbitration work, Sandra also handles wrongful dismissal & employment law cases - solely as a plaintiff's lawyer.

She draws on over 30 years of administrative law and personal injury / trial law experience in her work with wrongful dismissal / wrongful resignation clients and consultation regarding employment contracts.

Sandra has also served as counsel representing labor unions such as: 

  • The Canadian Labour Congress
  • BC Ferry and Marine Workers
  • Steel Workers Union and, Iron Workers Union .
  • IWA [International Woodworker] in BC - and - has had clients as far east as the Province of Quebec.

[see reference example of wrongful dismissal work SFU arbitration hearing on the firing of swim coach in 1997 as one of the lawyer's representing the plaintiff in this high profile case.]

#670 - 355 Burrard St.  ( The Marine Building )
Vancouver,   BC, Canada    V6C 2G8
Website:  www.banisterlaw.com
Telephone:  604-662-7276
Phone Toll Free  1-877-662-7276.
Email:  banister@banisterlaw.com

Sorel Lienburd, technolgy busiess lawyer experienced in employment contracts , at his offices at 1333 West Broadway in Vancouver


While Sorèl does not spend 20% of his time in employment law directly, the issues comes up frequently as he assists business clients in their development plans and of course employment contracts for non-union/management/professional staff

Experienced in employment contract development and review in the high-tech software development sector

Business, Technology & Trial Lawyers
Suite 410 - 1333 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC,   V6H 4C1
email:  sorel@krlb.com
phone:  604.734.4554  ext. 226
web profile: lawyers-bc.com profiles
website: : Leinburd.com


  • Consulting Agreements
  • Commercial Financing
  • Corporate Financing
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Franchising
  • Incorporations
  • Lease Law
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Software Development
  • Technology Agreements
  • Trademarks

Business, Technology & Trial Lawyers
Suite 410 - 1333 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6H 4C1
email:  sorel@krlb.com
phone:  604.734.4554  ext. 226
web profile: lawyers-bc.com profiles
website: krlb.com/..../sorelleinburd

Employment Workplace Lawyers In Victoria BC, on Vancouver Island

Michael Mark, for wrongful dismissal disputes of Victoria executives

Michael Mark, BA, LLB
Michael is experienced in wrongful dismissal cases for senior management-executive clients, as well as personal injury and wills-estates litigation.

Michael is a partner in the law firm of McConnan Bion O'Conner Peterson, where many of the lawyers are experienced solicitors in commercial-business-law and employment contracts -- Michael is involved when there are litigation issues arising from wrongful dismissal and employment disputes.

Michael R. Mark
Barrister & Solicitor
McConnan, Bion, O'Connor & Peterson Law Corp.
Suite #420 - 880 Douglas Street,
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 2B7
Phone  250-385-1383
Toll free  1-888-385-1383

E-mail:  mmark@mcbop.com
Web Site:  www.mcbop.com/michael-r-mark/
Map to office: Victoria, downtown location

Wrongful Dismissal / Employment Law / WCB Disputes Lawyers
Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt, in Victoria BC

James Hutchison, Employment Contracts / Business Lawyer in Victoria BC

James Hutchison, LLB is a business lawyer who assists employers develop their employment contracts as well as their overall business law due diligence.  go to HOM-LAW.COM web site of Hutcheson Oss-Cech Marlatt.

Lorenzo Oss-Cech, BSC LLB  Victoria bc Wrongful Dismissal / Employment Law litigator, fluent in Italian, French and Spanish

Lorenzo Oss-Cech, BSC LLB, is a skilled litigator who works with clients in wrongful dismissal and other employment contract litigation.

He is fluent in English, Italian, French and some Spanish.

 see Lorenzo's profile and contact info

Lorenzo G. Oss-Cech
Barristers & Solicitor
#1 - 505 Fisgard St.
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 1R3
Phone:  (250) 360-2500
Toll Free:  1-866-887-4878
Email:  lgo@hom-law.com
Website:  https://www.hom-law.com/lawyers/lorenzo-g-oss-cech/
Map to office:  Victoria location

Bari Marlatt, in addition to her injury clients has a substantial number of wrongful dismissal / employment contract litigation cases in Victoria BC

Bari Marlatt, LLB a skilled personal injujry lawyer and supporter of Brain Injury self help organizations also has a major focus in the area of wrongful dismissal and employment law disputes.  more info. on Bari Marlatt's profile page

Bari Marlatt
Barristers & Solicitor
#1 - 505 Fisgard St.
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 1R3
Phone:  (250) 360-2500
Toll Free:  1-866-887-4878
Web site: https://www.hom-law.com/lawyers/barri-a-marlatt/

Sarah N. Goodman, B.Bus.Admin, Schulich School of Business, Toronto, and J.D.. Osgoode Hall, practices employment law as well as Canada Immigration Law - offices in Victoria BC

Sarah N. Goodman,
BBA (hons), JD

Bilingual in English and French.

Prior to moving to Victoria, Sarah practised workplace law at a national law firm in downtown Toronto.  She assists and represents both employers and employees in respect of a wide variety of workplace law matters, including those arising from employment contracts, employment standards, termination of employment, discipline, policies and procedures, union organizing, human rights and privacy matters. 

Sarah is also a graduate of Osgoode's (Toronto Law School) Labour and Employment Law Program.

Areas of employment law:

  • termination of employment,
  • employment contracts,
  • employment standards,
  • human rights,
  • union organizing,
  • collective bargaining,
  • grievance arbitration,
  • workplace privacy and
  • health and safety matters.

Sarah N. Goodman
Barrister & Solicitor
Stevenson Luchies And Legh,
Suite 300 - 736 Broughton St.,
Victoria, BC, V8W 1E1
Phone:  250 381 4040
Toll-Free:  1 888 381 8555

Email: goodman@sll.ca

Dana Quantz, victoria employment law, wrongful dismissal and human rights in the workplace lawyer


Dana is an experienced trial lawyer who has worked with Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt since 2011. He is a graduate of the University of Victoria Law School.  Dana regularly assists employers and employees with:

  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Discrimination, Harassment, and Human Rights
  • Employment Standards
  • WorkSafeBC and Workers Compensation Board claims

Dana has sat on the Board of the Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition and regularly represents clients at the British Columbia Supreme Court, Human Rights Tribunal, and Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal.

Contact him for a free consultation. He will do his best to make sure you are properly represented.

Barristers & Solicitor
Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt,
#1 - 505 Fisgard St.
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 1R3

Email:  dgq@hom-law.com
Phone:  250.360.2500

Profile: https://www.hom-law.com/lawyers/dana-g-quantz/
LinkedIn profile
Google: map location
Web site: Law firm  hom-law.com

Location: Map to office

Nanaimo Employment Lawyer

Nanaimo, BC employment lawyer Sabrina Yeudall, BA LLB


"Often, a consultation is all that is required. When it is not, we can also help with contract or severance negotiations, administrative agency claims, and court actions."

Specifically, we provide our clients with strategic advice and representation relating to:

  • negotiating compensation and employment contracts;
  • non-compete and confidentiality agreements;
  • wrongful dismissal and severance agreements;
  • unpaid wages and overtime matters;
  • family and medical leave disputes; and
  • human rights claims.

Nanaimo lawyer Sabrina Yeudall's experience in employment law includes the representation of labour unions and their members, and the representation of employees and small business owners when disputes over the end of employment have arisen. She is knowledgeable about employment contracts, standard and unusual compensation agreements, and the duties employers have towards their employees under human rights and disability law.

For more info go to www.candidlegal.com/practice-areas /employment-law/

Sabrina Yeudall
"Your dispute resolution partner"

Candid Legal
#23 - 4800 N. Island Hwy.
Nanaimo, BC V9T 1W6
Phone:  250 585 1595
Web site: CandidLegal.com


More questions?  Contact one of the lawyers above for a consultation!

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