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Five Ways to Save on Legal Fees

Because most family lawyers charge an hourly rate, the less time your lawyer needs to spend with you, the less your legal bill will be. Here are some ways to save:

1.      Get to know your lawyer's assistant. Family lawyers have hectic schedules, and speaking directly to them can be difficult. Your lawyer's administrative or legal assistant may be able to answer your questions and can pass on information to your lawyer.

2.      Get copies of correspondence. If your lawyer sends you copies of all letters or faxes that he sends out or receives, you can keep track of what's going on with your case, without having to ask for updates. You will likely be charged, however, for photocopies.

3.      Collect your questions. Save your questions until you have a few of them, unless they are urgent. The fewer times a lawyer needs to review a file to answer you, the less time she will take.

4.      Use e-mail or fax. E-mail is a fast and efficient way to communicate, but some lawyers are concerned about privacy issues. Consider also using fax memos, on which the lawyer can write an answer and fax back.

5.      Read up on the law. Do some research on your own, and then just ask your lawyer specific, relevant questions about your case. Experienced lawyers post family law articles on Lawyers-BC.com, and you can also check out our reference links.

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