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Discrimination by any Other Name

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 The British Columbia Human Right Code prohibits discrimination on the basis of horizontal rule

Here are some examples of prohibited workplace discrimination:

  • workplace harassment
  • inappropriate policies requiring all employees to speak and write English
  • tolerance of derogatory comments made in the workplace about other racial minorities
  • allowing customers to prefer employees on the basis of race
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  • failure to accommodate schedules for religious observances
  • non-essential clothing regulations
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Marital or Family Status
  • blanket anti-nepotism policies without legitimate concerns
  • improperly structured benefit plans
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Physical or Mental Disability
  • workplace harassment
  • workplace policies or procedures which fail to accommodate
  • providing disabled employees with different benefit packages or levels of coverage
  • absenteeism due to physical or mental disability affecting salary or seniority
  • HIV, AIDS or terminally-illed patients who are discriminated against at work
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  • discrimination because of pregnancy, pregnancy-related illnesses or childbirth
  • unequal pay for equal work
  • refusal to grant pregnancy leave
  • not accommodating a pregnant employee
  • refusal to grant parental leave
  • firing, penalizing, or refusing to give benefits to employees who take pregnancy or parental leave
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Sexual Orientation
  • workplace harrassment
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  • mandatory retirement before age 65
  • career potential judged by age
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