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When you see a lawyer for the first time, you might not know what to expect.  Can you ask about the lawyer's experience?  Is it proper to ask details about fees and expenses?  How will you be kept informed about your case's progress?

Here's a checklist of questions to ask before you hire a lawyer.  Print it out and take it with you; it may help you feel more comfortable asking some of the questions.  If the lawyer is listed with Lawyers-BC, check out his or her biography.

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About the Lawyer

  1. Do you have a firm brochure or website with your biography?
  2. How long have you been practising law?
  3. What is your experience in this practice area?
  4. Have you handled any cases like mine?  What was the outcome?

About Your Case

  1. What are the possible outcomes of my case, and the chances of success?
  2. What are the procedures involved in my case, and a rough time schedule for the different steps?
  3. Approximately how long will it take to finalise?
  4. What complications can arise in my case, and can they result in additional fees?

About Legal Fees

  1. Do you have a written retainer letter or agreement?
  2. o you charge by the hour, by the case, by a percentage, or a combination?
  3. Will your rates change while you are handling my case? If so, how much notice will you give me?
  4. Will any junior lawyers or legal assistants be working on my case? Do you charge for the legal assistant's or legal secretary's time?
  5. What kind of disbursements will there be?
  6. Assuming that there are no complications, what is the range of the possible fees, disbursements, and taxes? Can you give me a firm quote for fees and/or disbursements?
  7. When will you bill me?

About the Work on Your Case

  1. How will you keep me informed about what is happening on my case?
  2. Will you send me copies of letters that you receive and send out?
  3. Will you return my phone calls the same day?
  4. Do you use email or fax to communicate with me?
  5. Who else in the office will be working on my case? Can I call them if I can't get hold of you?

More questions?

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