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Bruce Lemer, class action, products liability, professional negligence, lawyer  with office facting  Vancovur downtown Supreme Court building

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Class Action Lawyers in B.C.
Vancouver Canada

Each lawyer listed below has been practising Class Action Law for at least 10 years, with at least 20% of his or her practice in Canadian Class Action Law.

We urge you to independently investigate and evaluate any lawyer.

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Bruce Lemer & Felicity Schweitzer, Class actions lawyers  with photo of large crowd of people, some standing and talking, some walking in various directions

Bruce Lemer
Consumer / Consumer Contracts
Product Liability Class Actions
Felicity Schweitzer,

Medical malpractice claims, Pharmacy errors
& Class actions

Luciana Brasil
- current class actions

(Defence Lawyers)
Stikeman Elliot LLP
stikeman.com/en-ca /expertise/class-actions
Vancouver Office
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One of B.C. & Canada's most experienced class action lawyers is:

Bruce Lemer, class action, products liability, professional negligence, lawyer  with office facing  Vancouver downtown BC Supreme Court building

Barrister & Solicitor


Mr. Lemer was called to the bar in 1982.

Mr. Lemer was plaintiff's co-counsel in Endean vs. Canadian Red Cross and others, a class action on behalf of individuals infected with hepatitis C through blood transfusions, which resulted in the largest class action settlement in Canadian history, at that time.

He was plaintiff co-counsel in a U.S. action by Canadian haemophiliacs against Armour Pharmaceutical Company for infection with HIV by blood products.  The case was profiled in a report by CNN TV, Bruce Lemer was interviewed by CNN investigative correspondent Art Harris on Dec. 2002 http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0212/31/cct.00.html scroll down long page]

He has extensive experience in complex litigation, having acted for numerous individuals in products liability and professional negligence claims against governments, blood products manufacturers and the Canadian Red Cross for infection with HIV and hepatitis C through blood transfusions and blood products.

He has successfully represented plaintiffs in negligence claims against stockbrokers and brokerage firms, physicians and highway maintenance bodies (for accidents caused by inadequate winter maintenance procedures).

He has appeared on numerous occasions in the British Columbia Supreme Court, the BC Court of Appeal, and courts in Alberta and Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Bruce Lemer in 2010 has been awarded the "BV" distinguished rating by LexusNexus / Martindale-Hubbell, peer review, for "Very High Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards".

For information about Consumer / Commercial / Contract Class Actions see
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www.brucelemer.com/ class-actions/ consumer-contract-class-actions/

For information about Product Liability Class Actions see
Product liability class actions information from Bruce Lemer

www.brucelemer.com/ class-actions/ product-liability-class-actions/


Bruce Lemer, LLB  & Felicity Schweitzer, LLM Class actions lawyers  with photo of large crowd of people, some standing and talking, some walking in various directions

210 - 900 Howe St.
Vancouver BC
Canada V6Z 2M4
Website: www.BruceLemer.com
Phone:  604.642.6363
Website class actions section: BruceLemer.com... class-actions/overview
Email:  www.brucelemer.com/lemer-and-company/contact-us/

FELICITY SCHWEITZER, LLB LLM, specializes in medical malpractice-  lawyer with Bruce Lemer & Co. in downtown  on Howe St. facing BC Supreme Court building


Felicity was called to the British Columbia Bar in 1996. Felicity has a broad legal experience but has specialized in litigation of medical malpractice claims, pharmacy errors and class actions since joining Lemer & Company.

Prior to joining the civil litigation practice of Lemer & Company (https://www.brucelemer.com) in 2007, Felicity practiced corporate commercial law and intellectual property law. 

Felicity also has experience in advertising law and consumer protection law and has worked in the Enforcement Division of the British Columbia Securities Commission. Felicity was called to the Bar is South Africa in 1990 where she practiced. Prior to coming to Canada, Felicity obtained a Master's Degree in Law from King's College, University of London.

Phone:  778-383-7277
Fax:  778-383-7278
Lemer & Company
Litigation Counsel
210 - 900 Howe St.
Vancouver BC
Canada V6Z 2M4
Website: https://www.brucelemer.com

Send us a note using our convenient online form (https://www.brucelemer.com/lemer-and-company/contact-us and we'll call you back as soon as we can. Home and hospital meetings are available.  Get in touch with us right away by calling 604-642-6363.

Reference Note:

Judge acquits 4 doctors in Canada's tainted blood trial
CBC News · Posted: Oct 01, 2007 2:55 PM ET

"The ruling in Canada's first criminal trial on the tainted blood scandal reflects only one small part of what is considered Canada's worst preventable public health disaster [emphsis add].
Twenty-thousand people contracted hepatitis C and more than 1,000 were infected with HIV through the transfusion of blood and blood products in the 1980s and 1990s. It's not clear how many people have died as a result, but in 1997 the toll reached 3,000. "

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