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Lawyers' Fees for Buying or Selling a Condominium

fees icon Fees for hiring a lawyer to purchase a condominium can vary greatly, depending on what services your lawyer provides.  Because of heavy competition, some lawyers may provide only the minimum services needed. 

You should review the scope of what your lawyer is willing to do for the fees quoted, and how much extras would cost. 

You may want to pay him to investigate some issues further, such as reviewing the Offering Memorandum or By-Laws.

Lawyers can't spend a lot of time on a condominium purchase file cost effectively.  If the lawyer's normal hourly rate is $300 or more per hour, then he or she cannot spend more than a few hours on a file.  Thus, most real estate lawyers rely heavily on legal assistants.

The normal range for a simple conveyance and mortgage, if the lawyer is acting for the purchaser, check with the lawyer what their normal range is in legal fees.  Disbursements, such as registration fees, agents' fees, photocopies and couriers, are usually in a range that a lawyer's office can give you an estimate.

Fees for acting for the vendor are less:  (n.b. This section under review for updates) with minimal disbursements.

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