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Advantages of Trademark Registration

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 In infringement cases, a registered trademark owner has advantages over an unregistered trademark owner.
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Formal Ownership

A registered owner of a trademark does not have to prove ownership.  Registration is proof enough.  An unregistered trademark owner must establish his or her ownership to the trademark in court.

You can demonstrate ownership by showing how your mark has been used:  receipts, advertisements, and so on.  A rival, however, may have records more convincing than yours.  If so, they may be able to prove you were second and not the first to use a particular mark.  This can result in a lengthy and expensive legal dispute.

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Rights Across Canada

Generally the rights that arise out of registration extend across Canada.  You are entitled to stop others from using your mark anywhere even if you have not used your trademark in certain parts of Canada.

Unregistered trademark owners will likely be restricted to the geographical area where first use of the mark is proven.  You may even have to take court action in each province.

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