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Jennifer A. Lee, Vancouver Registered Trademark & Patent agent with Boughton Law in downtown Vancouver BC

Experienced trademarks lawyers usually charge on an hourly rate, which ranges between $275 and $500 per hour .

The cost to file a Canadian trademark application (including the .... application fee) is usually about  ...(being updated)... plus the application fees of  ... (being updated)... and taxes.

Sorel Lienburd, 20 years experience in Intellectual Property  / Information Technology law  based  at 1333  West Broadway, Vancouver, BC Normally, there is some work that needs to be done between the time of filing the application and the approval, and this will depend on the similarity of the trademark to existing trademarks, and if there are challenges to the registration.

These fees are normally charged on an hourly rate.  After the registration is approved, you will need to pay a registration fee of  ....(to be updated in 2013).

Lawyers-bc.com editorial comment April 2009

During the current period of Canadian and global economic downturn it is best to check directly with several Trademark / intellectual property lawyers (law firms) as to their rates and cost estimates as to your proposed needs vs wishes to register a trademark or patent.  Some lawyers-firms have developed over the years, reputations of excellent service combined with high hourly rates - some lawyers today are able to provide excellent service at markedly lower hourly rates (achieved in part by having lower overhead costs e.g. office leases - outside of downtown core). 

It continues to be "buyer beware" in terms of costs, particularly for the small business operator, entrepreneur, inventor etc.

We suggest that you start with experienced lawyers/trademark agents/patents agents as are in our Vancouver-Victoria Trademark/Patents/Intellectual-Property lawyers directory

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