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Registering a Trademark

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You may through usage already have a claim to a trademark.  You can register a trademark if you can provide proof of use or intended use to the Trademarks Office.  Here's the steps in registration:

  1. Prepare and submit your application to the Trademarks office.  The Trademarks office will check to ensure your application is complete and may write to you for further information.
  2. They will then send you an "official filing receipt" and a "proof sheet". Your proof sheet is a copy of the application as it appears in the official trademarks database.
  3. The Trademarks Office will conduct a search of the records to ensure your trademark cannot be confused with another. The requirements of the Trademarks Act and Regulations must also be met.
  4. If an objection or amendment to your application is raised you will be issued with an "Examiner's Report". This will include the reason(s) for objections together with requested amendments. This usually takes four to six months from the date of application.
  5. If there are no objections or if the objections have been amended satisfactorily a "Notice of Approval" is granted. This notice informs you that the trademark will appear in the Trademarks Journal. It should appear within four to six weeks after the Notice of Approval.
  6. Anyone may formally challenge your application, within the prescribed time limits.
  7. If completed correctly and if no one opposes the trademark registration is allowed upon payment of a fee. If your case is routine the process of registration should be completed in nine months to a year.

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