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Lawyers' Fees for Commercial Leases

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Leasing a property may involve different legal work for different situations.  You may or may not need to get your lawyer involved in all aspects of the deal. The lease process may involve 2 things:

  1. Negotiating the lease terms and the offer to lease.  This includes negotiating tenant incentives (like free rent or a renovation allowance) and considering their tax consequences; and

  2. Preparing or reviewing the lease contract, and negotiating the terms with the other side or their lawyer.
Experienced commercial real estate lawyers usually charge between $350 to $500+ per hour, so what the fees will be - will depend on exactly what you need the lawyer to do.

Negotiating the lease terms and offer to lease can range from $700 to $4,000 (or considerably more), depending upon how much of the lawyer’s time it takes.  You can save money by doing most of the negotiating on your own.

The cost to prepare a customised lease contract usually varies, check with your lawyer in advance as to their estimate of fees plus taxes and disbursements.  If your lawyer uses a pre-printed standard form lease, the cost may be considerably less, for their time, and the taxes and disbursements.

If your lawyer is reviewing a lease prepared by the other party's lawyer, the fees will usually be less, unless there are a lot of issues to negotiate.

see below for an example of a lawyer experienced in many areas of commercial lease issues. Bruce D. Redekop, LLB Bruce Redekiop, lawyer for legal solutions for business and entrepreneurs in  MetroVancouver and internationally

Bruce D. Redekop, LLB Bruce is skilled in area of commercial leasing and has acted for landlords and tenants on all aspects of leasing, including negotiating offers, lease agreements, lease renewals, lease disputes, damages claims, enforcement issues, rent distress, and termination. 
See his Redekop Law Corporation website at VenturesLaw.com.

Bruce has over 25 years experience in business law, having guided companies at all phases, from start-up, growth and development, mergers, acquisitions, and sale or asset disposition.  Bruce is an experienced businessman and has operated product development companies and participated in a number of business ventures with entrepreneurs.  His approach is down to earth, creative and results oriented.  Bruce enjoys working with professionals to achieve maximum value for clients.  His primary practice areas are:

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