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Discrimination by Unions, Occupational Associations, or Employer's Associations in British Columbia

A trade union, employers' organization or occupational association cannot:t

  • exclude any person from membership
  • expel or suspend any member
  • discriminate against any person or member

because of the:

  • race, colour, ancestry, place of origin
  • political belief, religion
  • marital status, family status
  • physical or mental disability
  • sex, sexual orientation
  • age
of that person or member, or because that person or member has been convicted of a criminal or summary conviction offence that is unrelated to the membership or intended membership.

Definitions of Unions / Employers Organizations / Occupational Associations note below:

  • A trade union means an organization of employees formed for purposes that include the regulation of relations between employees and employers.
  • An employers' organization means an organization of employers formed for purposes that include the regulation of relations between employers and employees.
  • An occupational association is an organization, other than a trade union or employers' organization, in which membership is a prerequisite to carrying on a trade, occupation or profession.

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