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Wills Legal Fees & Expenses

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Lawyers' fees for wills depend upon what you need the lawyer to do.  If you know exactly what you want (whom to be executors, guardians, and beneficiaries), and can give clear instructions to the lawyer, preparing a will usually costs between $400 to $700 plus in legal fees, plus taxes and disbursements.  Disbursements include expenses such as photocopies, long distance charges and courier fees.

Some things can complicate your will, including:

  • tax planning
  • "unfair" distribution of assets between children or your spouse
  • setting up trust provisions in the will (for example, delaying distribution until your children turn 30)
  • assets in other jurisdictions
  • mental capacity (if someone may challenge your soundness of mind)
A lawyer with five years' experience in wills may charge between $175 to $200 per hour. The time it takes to plan your will varies greatly, depending on your particular situation.

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