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Jeffrey S. Lowe, Business-Immigration Lawyer with over 20 years experience with immigrants from over 55 countries moving to Vancouver, BC - CLICK TO DIRECTORY OF CANADA IMMIGRATION LAWYERS Canada Immigration links:

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Anyone coming into Canada needs to know about its immigration rules. 
Useful information on visas, refugee claims, business immigration, sponsoring your family, etc and more on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada / Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada web sites at

CLICK TO - Le site Web de Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada (CIC) constitue votre meilleure source d’information sur l’immigration au Canada, sur l’établissement au Canada et sur la citoyenneté canadienne -[this is a small image capture of the Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada French language web page GO THERE BY CLICKING YOUR MOUSE HERE

Learn about Canada immigration law.

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I have assessed myself, and fall short of the 80 points required for an independent skilled worker immigrant. Can I still qualify?

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