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Canada Immigration Fees for Applications & Lawyers Assistance

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Most lawyers charge set fees for preparing immigration applications, based upon the case.  For other work, such as appeals of visa officer decisions, the fees are usually based on an hourly rate, with an estimate of the time required.

Legal fees vary with the lawyer's experience, success rate, and reputation.  Also, if you meet the lawyer in your home country rather than in B.C., the fees will be higher, to cover travel expenses.

Fees are often payable in installments, as your case progresses. Application fees to the Canadian government are extra. Most firms also charge for disbursements, such as photocopies, long distance charges, couriers, and faxes.

Fees also vary based on the type of case, (updated 2010.06).

In all cases, your lawyer should do the following:
  1. Review your background in detail, and investigate all possible categories of immigration for you.

  2. Review all your documentation and reference letters, and advise you of any deficiencies and what other documentation would be helpful.

  3. Consider any areas where you may be able to improve your case, and advise you.

  4. Advise you of your options as to where to submit your case, including the pros and cons of different visa offices and options.

  5. Advise you on medical and criminal issues, and how to deal with them.

  6. Periodically search your Canada Immigration file, to see if there are deficiencies which should be addressed.

  7. Prepare you for your immigration interview.

  8. Advise you of ongoing changes to immigration laws as they may affect your case.


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