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Citoyennetè et Immigration Canada

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Robert C.Y. Leong, LLB, wearing formal court robes experienced  in immigration litigation -  representing clients at Tribunal reviews, and Federal Court appeals, as well as whole range of Canada immigration application types, with main office in Vancouver and a satelite office in Singapore, is fluent in Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese and English, Click for more info
Robert C.Y. Leong,
English, Mandarin & Cantonese immigration appeals & reviews services

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Canada Immigration Lawyers
Vancouver & Victoria   BC

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Each lawyer listed below has confirmed to Lawyers-BC.Com that he or she has been practising Canada immigration law for at least three years, with at least 60% of his or her practice in Canadian immigration.

We urge you to independently investigate and evaluate any lawyer. Please see "Lawyer's Listings" under our terms and conditions for more information.

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Jeffrey S. Lowe, immigration & business lawyer with over 30 years experience whose firm Lowe & Co. has hellped clients from over 65 countries, immigrate, set up businesses, study, work in Canada

B.Comm., LLB.

Canada immigration & business lawyer fluent in English, Mandarin & Cantonese Chinese.  Jeffrey is the Chief Inspirational Officer of Lowe & Company, with 30 years experience with clients from 70 countries come to Canada:  to establish businesses, work, study, or be united with families.

Jeffrey acts for business people, local and multinational firms, educational institutions, other law firms and also teaches Canada immigration seminars.  His team of lawyers & Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are seen in this photo.

Jeffrey Lowe, B.Comm. LLB at desk with photos of 2 lawyers, himself & Stan Leo, JD and 2 Regulated Canada Immigration Onsultants, Vivien Lee, NP RCIC & Rita Cheng RCIC

(service in English, Mandarin & Cantonese Chinese )

#900 - 777 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4J7
Phone: 604.875.9338

Email: info @canadavisalaw.com

Website: CanadaVisaLaw.com

Jeffrey says the main task is: 我们的主要目标就是为了简化客户的生活。”刘国雄律师事务所首席资深大律师

STANLEY LEO, BA JD, immigration lawyer experienced with skilled workers Express Entry applications, the BC Provincial Nomination Program, clergy-religous workers permits - with Lowe & Co. at 900 - 777 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC


Vancouver, B.C.

Immigration Lawyer for:
- Skilled workers & Express Entry,
- B.C. Provincial Nomination Program,
- Spousal Sponsorships,
- Work authorizations,
- Clergy / Religious Workers,
- Overcoming inadmissibility matters

Barrister & Solicitor
Lowe & Company
#900 - 777 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4J7
Phone: 604.875.9338

Email: info @canadavisalaw.com

Website: CanadaVisaLaw.com

Bruce J. Harwood, BA MA LLB,

Bruce Harwood,

Bruce act's on behalf of a number of major Canadian companies in various sectors:  biotechnology, engineering and manufacturing, food and agriculture, and the IT sector.  As a former Officer of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration,  Bruce brings in-depth legal insights of all aspects of immigration matters.

Bruce's Immigration & Citizenship practice also involves working with Boughton Law's Tax and Employment Groups to provide a comprehensive assessment of a foreign national’s needs. He also assists clients with issues of criminal or medical inadmissibility and has appeared before the Immigration Appeal Division and Federal Court of Canada.

Bruce is the senior business-immigration lawyer with Boughton's immigration group, which includes: Bruce Harwood, MA LLB. (assistant fluent in Russian); Annamarie, Kersop, B.Proc. LLB, (fluent in Afrikaans); Angela So, BA JD (business, securities and immigration lawyer, fluent in Cantonese & Mandarin) and Larry Yen, BSc. LLB. (International & cross-border business lawyer fluent in Mandarin)
Bruce is the senior immigration lawyer  of the Boughton Immigration group, this group photo includes, immigration & business lawyers: Annamarie Kersop, B.Proc. LLB;  Angela So, BA JD  and Bruce Yen, BSc.LLB. See summary of the immigration group's services at www.boughtonlaw.com/practice-area/immigration/

We can serve our clients in Mandarin, Cantonese and Russian languages

Bruce J. Harwood
Boughton Law Corp.
Suite 700 - Burrard Street
P.O. Box 49290
Vancouver, BC
Canada V7X 1S8
Phone: 604 605 5628
Email: bharwood@boughtonlaw.com
Web: https://www.boughtonlaw.com/ people/bruce-harwood/

Saba Naqvi, BA JD, practices as a BC and California lawyer, in 2021 heads BDO immigration services, based in Vancouver, BC

Business-Immigration Lawyer

Saba is the Director of Immigration Services for BDO's Canada's Immigration Services.  Saba, a lawyer licensed both in the Province of British Columbia and the State of California is uniquely qualified to provide immigration law expertise on both Canadian and USA flag US immigration matters.

Saba's professional experience includes over 15 years of building successful immigration practices at two highly regarded Vancouver law firms.

Saba regularly represents corporate and individual clients on a variety of business and employment-based immigration matters including:

  • applications for temporary work permits under international trade agreements such as the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (formerly "NAFTA"),
  • Global Talent Stream applications,
  • Intracompany transferees,
  • and investor visas.

"Saba's clients span across an array of industries including IT, visual effects, gaming, natural resources, energy, infrastructure, entertainment and financial services." [quote from www.bdo.ca/en-ca/ our-people/ saba-naqvi-1/ 2022.02.07]

When her clients are ready to transition to permanent residence, Saba guides them through the intricacies of provincial nominee programs, various streams of Express Entry, and other immigrant categories.

Saba also works with clients on spousal sponsorships, citizenship matters and inadmissibility issues, including nonimmigrant waivers to the US.

Saba's clients rely on her solution-oriented, professional approach and optimistic work ethic to assist them in navigating and engaging in strategic planning to pre-empt complex Canadian and US immigration issues before they arise.

Saba's clients span across an array of industries including IT, visual effects, gaming, natural resources, energy, infrastructure, entertainment and financial services.

Saba has previously served as Chair of the Canada Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She authors the Immigration Chapter in the Annual Review of Law & Practice published by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia and is a frequent presenter on immigration topics.

Saba is based out of the Vancouver office of BDO Law LLP.

saba Naqvi, JD Director of immigration, for BDO Canada, national team, based in Vancouver downtown offices of BDO

Director & Leader of Immigration Services
BDO Canada LLP - Vancouver
Unit 1100 Royal Centre
1055 West Georgia Street,
P.O.Box 11101
Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3
Phone: (604) 688-5421
Email: snaqvi@bdolaw.ca
Web profile: https://www.bdo.ca/ en-ca/ our-people/saba-naqvi-1/

Monika Sievers-Redekop, German Attorney at Law and BC Canada Barrister & Solicitor  with main office in Vancouver practising Canada German Immigration law

Monika Sievers-Redekop LLM
Flag of Germany-DE - where Sievers-Redekop is also called to the German Bar
Canadian-German Immigration Lawyer

I am a Germany & Canada immigration lawyer, admitted in both Germany and Canada to practice law
(in Germany since 1995 in BC, Canada since 2000).

My practice focusses for over 20 years on Canadian Immigration and citizenship law.

Services include:  Immigration Applications, Work & Study Permits, Business & PNP, Dual Citizenship Applications (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung)

I serve my clients in fluent German, English and French

Je suis une avocate admise en Allemagne et Canada. Ma pratique s'étend aux matières d'immigration et citoyenneté canadienne.  Je peux parler français couramment.

Naseeb Kahlon, JD office in Downtown Vancouver, serves clients in Hindi, Punjabi and English, offers full range of Canada immigration application services- click for more info

Naseeb Kahlon, JD,
"Boutique Immigration Law Firm with a Focus on Canadian Investment Immigration"
Naseb Kahlon serves clients in Hindi, Punjabi and English; from her Vancouver office

Kahlon Law
Phone:  604-336-8650
Email:  nkahlon@kahlonlaw.ca
Web:  www.kahlonlaw.ca
#600-1285 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3X8

Andrew Wlodyka, Canada Immigration Reviews/Appeals/Litiigation Lawyer

Andrew Z. Wlodyka
Immigration Lawyer,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Andrew has a practice focus on Immigration Appeals and Litigation, expereienced representing clients from Immigration Tribunals to the Federal Court of Canada

Sarah N. Goodman, BBA JD, immigration lawyer who also practices employment law, fluent in French and English, based in Victoria BC
Sarah N. Goodman, BBA JD fluent in French and English, based in Victoria, BC.  Experienced in Canada Immigration Law and BC employment law.

Sinclair Mar with 25 years experience as a barrister and solicitor and with dedicated record of community involvment on founding and supporting Community non-profit societies in Victoria

Sinclair Mar

Canada Immigration Lawyer

He has practiced immigration law for the past 25 years in all areas, including visas and permanent residency applicaitions. He presently works with clients from many countries. He is very community minded: .... has been on the board of the Knowledge Network (BC), Victoria Dragon Boat Festival Society, Victoria Chinatown Care Foundation, Victoria Chinese Commerce Association, ... He is serving as counsel for the Victoria Hoi Ping Association .... He has been instrumental in raising funds for various schools in support of music in schools and local youth sports and athletes. [fr. website 2009.06.15]

Manhas Mar, Lawyers
#301 - 830 Shamrock St.
Victoria, BC V8X 2V1
Phone: (250) 382-5744
Website: ManhasMar.com

Sinclair speaks English and Cantonese

His law practice also includes real estate conveyancing and wills.

Portia Tang, lawyer able to assist clients in fluent Mandarin and  Cantonese, photo of office building in the Market Square shopping complex on  lower Johnson St.  near Chinatown - CLICK FOR INFORMATION

Portia Tang, LLB
Market Square, Johnson St., Victoria
Canada Immigration Services in
Mandarin  講普通話
Cantonese  說廣東話

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