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  Jeffrey Lowe, and his team of lawyers, notary & Certified Canada Immigration Consultants - are one of Canada's top immigration & business law firms, based in Vancouver, BC

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Robert C.Y. Leong, LLB experienced in representing clients at Tribunal reviews, and Federal Court appeals, as well as whole range of Canada immigration application types, with main office in Vancouver and a satelite office in Singapore, is fluent in Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese and English, Click for more info
Robert C.Y. Leong,
English, Mandarin & Cantonese services

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Canada Immigration Lawyers
Vancouver & Victoria B.C.

 Each lawyer listed below has confirmed to Lawyers-BC.Com that he or she has been practising Canada immigration law for at least three years, with at least 60% of his or her practice in Canadian immigration.

We urge you to independently investigate and evaluate any lawyer. Please see "Lawyer's Listings" under our terms and conditions for more information.

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Jeffrey S. Lowe, Business-Immigration Lawyer with over 20 years experience with immigrants from over 55 countries moving to Vancouver, BC - CLICK TO THIS CANADA IMMIGRATION LAWYER IN VANCOUVER

Jeffrey S. Lowe,
B.Comm. LL.B.

Business - Immigration Lawyer,
with over 24 years experience and clients from over 65 countries
Canada Immigration Lawyers & Business Consultants
#900 - 777 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC Canada
email: info@canadavisalaw.com
website:  www.CanadaVisaLaw.com

Monika Sievers-Redekop, German Attorney at Law and BC Canada Barrister & Solicitor  with main office in Vancouver practising Canada German Immigration law

Monika Sievers-Redekop LLM
Flag of Germany-DE - where Sievers-Redekop is also called to the German Bar
Canadian-German Immigration Lawyer Called to the bar in Germany and Canada and is an immigration lawyer practicing in
Hamburg, GERMANY &
Vancouver, CANADA

Naseeb Kahlon, JD office in Downtown Vancouver, serves clients in Hindi, Punjabi and English, offers full range of Canada immigration application services- click for more info

Naseeb Kahlon, JD, serves clients in Hindi, Punjabi and English; from her downtown Vancouver office

Andrew Wlodyka, Canada Immigration Reviews/Appeals/Litiigation Lawyer

Andrew Z. Wlodyka
Immigration Lawyer,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Andrew has a practice focus on Immigration Appeals and Litigation, expereienced representing clients from Immigration Tribunals to the Federal Court of Canada

Sinclair Mar with 25 years experience as a barrister and solicitor and with dedicated record of community involvment on founding and supporting Community non-profit societies in Victoria

Sinclair Mar
Canada Immigration Lawyer
Victoria, BC

Sinclair speaks English and Cantonese

His law practice also includes real estate conveyancing and wills.

Portia Tang, lawyer able to assist clients in fluent Mandarin and  Cantonese, photo of office building in the Market Square shopping complex on  lower Johnson St.  near Chinatown - CLICK FOR INFORMATION

Portia Tang, LLB
Market Square, Johnson St., Victoria
Canada Immigration Services in
Mandarin  講普通話
Cantonese  說廣東話

, Victoria  Canada Immigration Lawyer

James Turner
Victoria, BC

see also Victoria Canada Immigration Lawyers Directory

Jeffrey S. Lowe, B.Comm. LL.B.

  • Chinese-Canadian Immigration and Business lawyer
  • Over 24 years experience in Canada Business Immigration cases from Asia, Latin America, USA and the Middle East
  • Has taught Canada Business Immigration to lawyers, consultants, and Immigration officials since 1990 from Canada and the USA
  • Clients have come from over 55 countries
More about Jeffrey S. Lowe
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Andrew Z. Wlodyka

  • Polish-Canadian immigration lawyer
  • general counsel of the Canadian Polish Congress
  • a former manager of the Immigration and Refugee Board
  • experienced in refugee claims, and Canada visa and citizenship appeals
More about Andrew Z. Wlodyka
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