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Medical Malpractice / Negligence / Personal Injury
30 years experience as personal injury & medical malpractice, class actions, product liability, consumer contracts, civil litigation   lawyer. office  on  Howe St. across from Court House - Vancouver Felicity Schweitzer, LLM, medical malpractice lawyer with Bruce Lemer Co. Michael O'Connor, QC, civil litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, lawyer over 30 years experience Lorenzo Oss-Cech, civil litigation, brain injury experience,  medical malpractice lawyer fluent in Italian, Spanish and workable French

Jeffrey Lowe, immigration & business lawyer, Robert Leong, LLB, applications, appeals lawyer, Stan Leo, PNP, sponsors, employment visas, over 25 years experience with clients from over 70 countries , Vancouver offices at 777 West Broadway -- Click for more information Canada Immigration Applications, Permits, Business PNP, HR, Appeals & Reviews: English, Mandarin & Cantonese  · 英 语  · 中 文  · 普 通 话  · 廣 東 話 & Japanese

Bruce Harwood, MA, LLB, Canada business immigration lawyer, former Government immigration lawyer and Angela So, BA JD, securities, business & immigration lawyer with Boughton Law   in downtown Vancouver, BC  - click for more info Business Immigration Lawyers Services in English, Russian, Cantonese & Mandarin Downtown Vancouver, B.C.

Monika Sievers-Redekop, Immigration attorney in Germany and Canada Immigration lawyer in BC - fluent in German, French & English Deutsch Flag of Germany, Monika is called to the bar in Hamburg for 20+ years Canadian Immigration & citizenship law, including Dual Citizenship Applications (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung) Immigration lawyer in Germany & Canada B.C.

Ferhad Sean Amiri, JD called to BC and Ontario Bar, fluent in  Dari and Farsi (Persian), Pashto, Urdu, and Hindi, serves Metro Vancouver from Metropolis at Metrotown mall Metrolaw offices in Burnaby General practice: business, real estate, family, wills & immigration lawyer: fluent in Dari, Farsi خدمات به زبان فارسی, Pashto, Urdu & Hindi Metropolis at Metrotown Burnaby offices

Wills, Trusts, & Incapacity Planning: Victoria Lawyers
Charlotte Salomon, QC, 20+ years wills  estate administraion experience , is senior partner at McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson Law corp in downtown Victoria Dirk Ryneveld, QC experienced wills and estates administration lawyer in Victoria N.Nima Rohani, JD, experienced in wills, trusts and incapacity planning Paul Scambler, QC - experienced wills, probate and estate  administration lawyer Lorenzo Oss-Cech, experienced in wealth management and wills -  Victoria lawyer fluent in Italian, Spanish and French Andrew Tomilson, LLB LLM, wills lawyer with Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt

Business / Commercial Transactions: Vancouver Lawyers
Sorel Lienburd, Vancouver corporate commercial, info technolgy  IT, intellectual property law Bruce Redekop, Vancouver business lawyer , experienced in financing,  IP & IT law, and entrepreneural ventures planning Frank Baily, 40 years of experience in his Burnaby metrotown  business law practice - click for  more info Brent McLean, Burnaby Metrotown Tower business law practice click for more info Larry Routtenberg, business lawyer, Metrolaw at Metropolis Metrotown mall - clck for more info Harvey Meller, Vancouver business commercial solicitor, entertainment law , commercial shareholder agreements, business development plans Felicity Schweitzer, experience in advertising law & consumer protection law,  has worked in the Enforcement Division of the B.C. Securities Commission.  was called to the Bar in South Africa in 1990 where she practiced. Prior to coming to Canada, Felicity obtained a Master's Degree in Law from the University of London, UK Stephen Burri is a registered Canada patents agent, trademarks agent, intellectual property and technology  lawyer serving Vancouver and Vancouver island Andrea Rasmussen, experienced business lawyer in Surrey BC

Victoria Business Lawyers
James Hutchison, LLB experienced in business commercial law, intellectual property services, commercial leases etc. in downtown Victoria Patrick E. Bion, with Victoria's McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson - experienced business development and commercial transactions / contracts Stewart Johnston, Victoria business corporate lawyer with more than 30 years experience, is senior associate lawyer with McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson law corp - click for more info re his profile Michael O'Connor, LLB QC experienced civil litigator, including areas of business contract disuptes, expropriations, foreclosures etc. click for more info. Dirk Ryneveld, LLB QC, experienced administrative and regulatory law lawyer advising both private and government clients  - former BC Provincial Police Compaints Comisssioner CLICK FOR MORE INFO Nima Rohani, business lawyer, click for more information about his practice Paul Scambler, QC with Clay & Company, Victoria business, mediation  lawyer Jenifer Chilcott, LLB LLM, experrienced technology  transactions lawyer in Victoria with FARRIS Bhavi Tathgar, speaks Punjabi, real estate lawyer in Victoria's McBOP law corp.

Wrongful Dismissal / Employment Law / Work Place
Rose Keith, QC -  workplace law, wrongful dismissal lawyer & mediator QC over 25 years experience with Vancouver  employrers / employees  re employment  contract disputes Frank Baily, 40 years of experience in his Burnaby metrotown  business law practice - click for  more info Sandra Banister, Queen's Counsel,  over 30 years experience with  employees  re employment  contract disputes and human rights, #670 - 355 Burrard St., Vancouver, BC Michael Mark, Victoria litigation lawyer experienced with executives and wrongful dismissal / constructive dismissal cases Lorenzo Oss-Cech,  Victoria lawyers fluent in Italian, Spanish and French Jonathan Hanvelt, MA LLB, experienced labour lawyer, employment lawyer, work with union and non-union employees, wrongufl dismissal experienced Vancouver office at Banister Co. CLICK FOR MORE INFO Dana Quantz, employment law / wrongful dismissal lawyer in Victoria -CLICK FOR MORE INFO Jessica Kliman, BA JD, for employment law, wrongful dismissal disputes in Victoria, BC - click for more info COVID 19 alert graphic issues on the impact of Covid 19 on B.C. Employment Law

Family Law:  prenuptial agreements  · assets ·  children  ·  divorce  · mediation
 Marla Gilsig, Vancouver west side area, family lawyer and experienced mediator CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Mark Perry, family lawyer and mediator, from Vancouver West Broadway office Leena Yousefi downtown Vancouver lawyer experienced in Family law Ed Bowes brings 30 years experiencde to his Downtown Vancouver  family law practice - click for more infoVicente Asuncion Jr., a lawyer both in Vancouver and Manila well known in the Vancouver Filipino community handles range of non-litigation family law matters Ferhad Sean Amiri, JD, with MetroLaw office in Metropolis at Metrotown mall across fr Superstore checkouts, in Burnaby, speaks Farsi, offers  and Hindi - serving Metro Vancouver Jessica England, family divorce lawyer with Westside family law on West Broadway, near Vancouver General Hospital Kenneth Learn, 40 years experience to his Family / Divorce law practice based in Burnaby  - Click for more infoSabrina Yeudall, Nanaimo family-divorce lawyer in addition to her employment law practice

Probate & Estate Administration
Probate lawyer with 32 years experience -- CLICK TO PROBATE LAW Mark Perry, experienced lawyer for wills disputes/variation Larry Routtenberg, BComm, LL.B. wills and probate services fr MetroLaw LLP in Metropolis @ Metrotown mall across from Superstore checkouts, serviing Burnaby and MetroVancouver Ferhad Sean Amiri, JD fluent in Dari & Farsi (Persian), Pashto, Urdu & Hindi, provides wills and probate services from MetroLaw LLP offices in Metropolis at Metrowon mall click for more imfo Mary Jane Wilson, Surrey, wills & probate & estate administration lawyer, author of Self Counsel Press book on probate - click for more info. Naseeb Kahlon, Vancouver downtown lawyer, speaks English, Punjabi and Hindi,  for estates/wills in addition to main practice in Canada Immigration  Charlotte Salomon, QC,  experienced wills and probate lawyer in Victoria, BC Dirk Ryneveld, QC experienced wills and estates administration lawyer in VictoriaPaul Scambler, QC - experienced wills, probate and estate  administration lawyer Michael Mark, experienced wills variation litigation lawyer in Victoria, BC Andrew Tomilson, LLB LLM, wills lawyer with Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt

Wills & Estate Disputes
Vancouver & Victoria
Mark Perry, former lawyer with Office of Public Guardian, experienced in Wills high end litiation and mediation Frank Bailey, 40 yrs serving Metro Vancouver from his Metrotown law firm Michael Mark, wills and estates disputes,  Victoria lawyer for litigation under eg BC Wills Variation Act Michael O'Connor, QC (Queens Counsel) wills and estate disputes lawyer in Victoria Barri Marlatt, downtonw Victoria wills disputes litigation lawyer, also  known for traumatic brain injury ICBC claims disputes -click to profile

Mediators ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
Rose Keith, QC -  workplace lawyer and mediator Paul Scambler, QC with Clay & Company, Victoria business, and wills/estates  mediation  lawyer Mark Perry, family lawyer and mediator, from Vancouver West Broadway office Marla Gilsig, Vancouver, west side Broadway Ave. office , family lawyer and experienced mediator CLICK FOR MORE INFO William Storey, family mediation services as part of his practice sometimes involving family abduction of children  Bill Storey works with parents in disputes  involving international cases   - office on West Broadway in Vancouver

Criminal Defense Lawyers
Metro Vancouver
Greater Victoria - Nanaimo